The top 7 casino games you should definitely play in Asia

top 7 casino games in asia
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See the seven most famous Asian casino games in Thaipokerleak. Find out what Asian audience loves when gambling.

The experienced punters have been always interested in exotic offers for casino entertainment. Although they keep active accounts in the leading online gambling platforms, they tend to once in a while check out in Thaipokerleak for extraordinary websites with interesting games from all over the world. But recently, we have become witnesses of this trend to take over the novices in the field, too. Many beginners in online casino experience visit Asian betting houses for a reason. They don’t just diversify their activity here, but also come upon on original and awesome games to try – whether for the first time or in a modified form.

Having all of these facts in mind, we believe that all of our readers would be curious in reading the following list. Here is where we name the top 7 casino games every punter should definitely try and play in Asia.

  1. Sic Bo. Currently, this is the most famous typical Asian game in the world. Although, only a decade ago it was played only in countries like Thailand, Philippines and China, today, a lot of international betting houses are happy to present it. Sic Bo is basically an easy to be played game. It’s very similar to the classical roulette, but meanwhile, it has its own rules regarding the odds for the winning.
  2. Baccarat. It’s the game that eliminates the doubt whether Asian players prefer only typical games. We all know what Baccarat is and we all know how its gameplay looks like. The thing, though, is that Asian punters are totally in love with the game. And if you are, too, then when entering an Asia-based gambling platform among the new exotic products you will see your favorite Baccarat.
  3. Fan Tan. Prepare your fast fingers to quickly click on the white buttons while sitting on a comparatively large table where you will place your bets strictly at the table edges. There are fast bets here and chips to buy round the whole gameplay, but note that in this typical online Asian game the casino almost always get 5% commission of your winning.
  4. Pachinko. This is, probably, the most loved and preferred online casino game in Asia. It reminds us of the ordinary slots. However, some versions of Pachinko come with their own rules and bonus systems, which is why it is a must to read the terms and conditions of the game in advance.
  5. Pai Gow. This is a typical Asia-styled poker game. The main difference, though, is that here you will use domino tiles to make bets and build up a solid strategy.
  6. Niu Niu. This card game, by the way, is almost impossible to be found in any European or American casino. However, if you visit an Asian gambling platform, there’s a huge possibility to be offered to play it right away. The most important thing about this game is to learn the points any card brings.
  7. Texas Hold Em Poker. Asian punters are fond of traditional poker a lot. However, mostly they prefer Texas Hold Em, which is why in Thaipokerleak you will be regularly flooded with amazing Texas Hold Em Asian bonus codes and offers.

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