The craziest lottery burn out cases you have ever heard about

craziest lottery burn out
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Read some crazy totobet stories from all around the world. Get some lessons to remind if you win in

Burn out is a symptom (or even WHO-registered medical condition) we have recently hearing about more and more often. Although burn out is mostly related with workaholic people, it turned out that you can have it many other activities, including in gambling. We have all heard about addicted sport betting players, but have you ever met totobet addicts? The truth is that no one is insured against getting too far or overreacting when it comes to spending the jackpot win in the best way. And we are here to prove you all of these.

First of all, yes, there’s a thing like lotto burn out. And second of all, yes, you might be a winner in, but just because you got so much money, doesn’t mean you should forget who you are, right?

Here are the craziest lottery burn out cases we have ever heard about. Although, you will think this cannot happen to you, read the stories, because we can all get some lessons from each of them.

The sad story about Callie Rogers

During her teen years Callie was living with foster parents and working as a shop clerk, earning less than 5 dollars per day. One day, though, everything has changed for her. She won almost 1 million dollar and she left her foster parents’ house after buying three houses of her own, spent a lot of money on cars and dove into the world of the endless party…with cocaine. After having 3 months being rich and independent, Callie discovered she can no longer live without drugs. Three years later she had to sell everything in order to afford medical treatment for her addiction.

The rich scrooge guys from the Balkans

In the Balkans it used to be hard to become wealthy, especially in the end of the previous century. However, one talented craftsman person has developed a whole net of small shops for typical souvenirs and eventually, become one of the wealthiest guy in his region. But it seemed that it was never enough for him to work and earn money, although this money was quite huge. Every time he ended the financial month, he spent part of his income for lottery tickets. One day, he got pissed off at an employee of his staff. The emotions had taken over him and he decided to spend his entire monthly income for lottery tickets. He did not win a damn, but in addition to this, he made huge business mistakes – delays with deliveries, postponed payments for salaries and materials. All of these ended up with his business closed forever.

The kind lotto lover from South Korea

There’s a belief in Asia that the more good deeds you do, the better you will live. Mrs. Lee was desperate in her dream to win in a totobet game. Every month she spent a certain amount of her wage for charity. And every month she bought new tickets expecting for the lotto Gods to praise her with a win. Lee had been doing this practice for more than a decade until one day she realized that there’s no such a relationship between being kind and wining in a lottery.

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