Poker’s Future Journey Into eSports

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Alex has not only become the SEO of Global Poker Index but also aims at genuinely growing poker as an eSport. In fact, Alex Dreyfus has a sharp eye to sportify the poker game and lure the mainstream sponsors. This, in turn, will quickly get the required attention on a poker game and also it will get exposed amidst of the public.

Already in 2015 during November, the announcement regarding the GPI signed a media deal with USA TODAY, and that added significant value in bringing a revolution to the poker industry.


First Step in Making Poker as eSports

To know about the plans towards making poker as esports first, one must take a look at Alex Dreyfus poker listings. It is describing the plan for esports, multi-gaming, and GPL Season 2  in the future.

Consistently in the last couple of years, Dreyfus team has started working towards bridging the esports. They feel that poker promotion can happen without any challenge in that direction and will become a competitive game. The gateway between poker and eports building exercise has led to the next steps in making this effort successful.


Five Benefits of Bridging Poker with esport Industry

  1. Joe Stapleton, Gaelle Garcia Diaz, and Alex Dreyfus further discussed that the very purpose of signing a deal with USA TODAY on the way back during 2015 would happen only if the poker and esport combine.
  2. When the renewal of tank of fans and players does not happen, then the game will eventually fade away. Not only in money terms, but regarding exposure and interest as well. Therefore, sportifying poker has become a necessary
  3. The esport industry has its root for the last 15 years and has a proven track record.
  4. Further, esport has shown constant growth in a big way. Moreover, online poker has an appeal in the industry and hence linking two will undoubtedly add benefit to poker mentions Dreyfus.
  5. Only a professional player can win in esports and make money requires not just luck but real skill. Since traditional companies sponsor esport, combining poker to it will fetch sponsors for poker as well.


Poker As An eSport

Now after looking at the advantages of bridging poker with esport, one must understand that people like Dreyfus insist on few things. Poker currently has affiliation as gambling, and hence it has not gained importance as a competitive game. Therefore, to retain the tempo of the poker game, making it an esport has become a compulsion feels Dreyfus.

In parallel, keeping poker as the foundation, the gaming industry must embrace other games. Poker has already attained the state of an elder brother in the legacy of the game. So bringing in GPI to many players has become the responsibility of the industry.

The difference between online and live poker will indeed keep live poker live for another five years.

One can feel great about visiting the casino to play real-time poker. Participating in tournament adds boundless joy. At the same time, playing poker on a smartphone has a different kick and that’s how trend changes.

This way the change has become evident, and it’s time to look at poker as an esport.

To look at statistics, video games generate revenue of $108 and online poker stands at $2.5. Video games will see continuous growth. This makes it further evident that poker becoming an esport will have a significant reception among the youngsters.

Make sure that changing Global Poker Index to Gaming Player Index as a business model will mark changes in the player’s mindset.

Dreyfus and team want to expand poker horizontally, and it has already attained vertical growth. But when more options do not exist, the vertical extension will reach saturation. Hence, making it an esport will allow it to expand and that’s the motive of a team.

Every individual will feel glad to spend money on a leisure activity. Especially on a sport and poker becoming a sport will receive the right audience. Players also look at one nonpartisan organization which can rank them. It must happen to be a player-centric focus for poker including the fantasy sports, betting, and gaming, etc.

Online poker will survive and hence live poker, at the same time will enter a new arena and looked like an esport said, Dreyfus.



People will keep coming with new ideas, and the industry must make sure to cope with the expectation. Poker is becoming a sport, or a game will undoubtedly have a great future. The individual will start like poker more than the online one if it becomes a full-fledge esport with many betting options.

Time has come to make a revolution in the online poker games.

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