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Bitcoin gambling – the revolution in online games

Bitcoin gambling
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As a casino expert or just an amateur who is practicing his hobby you’ve definitely noticed that bitcoin casino games are becoming really popular. The main reason, of course, is playing with BTC is a lot easier than using any other kind of currencies. Still unsure whether crypto currencies bring benefits? Just continue reading.

BTC price growth – 2013-2018

For about 60 months the price raised with more than 7000$ which makes bitcoin the most popular crypto coin in the world

Saw the graph? The first BTC transaction was made in 2011 from a man who ordered a pizza. The order costed 10,000 coins which was around $10. You were able to buy 1 BTC for around 100 US dollars in 2013.  Also – it 24 hours volume was almost 0 which means this coin was not popular some years ago but now we always see it at the top of every crypto list. In fact, bitcoin price has raised around 100 times for a period of 5 years which is more than incredible. That means you can take profits even after you’ve finished the game. We can also observe there are plenty of price drops but actually that makes betting so interesting – with a proper strategy you can sell everything when the price is falling down.

How it works and is it actually worth?

E-casino games operating with crypto currencies work actually in the same way. Yes, the main difference is bitcoins (or other alt coins) are accepted – you can play casino games with full privacy.

Also, as you know, BTC is not subject to inflation and is 100% decentralized which guarantees you aren’t going to lose your money (some experts say it is more sustainable than any other conventional currency although the price is dynamic and always changes)

Promptly and secure – for people that want to keep their privacy

When making a bitcoin transaction you just need to wait a few minutes before all funds are available to spend. Furthermore, it is possible to use your BTC casino as a wallet and send coins to other people directly from your account.

Blockchain technology is absolutely independent – and always will be!

We’ve already mentioned in this article that bitcoins are not subject to inflation because of the new and unique Blockchain technology – everyone of us have equal control over this crypto currency. That means there is no need to disturb for your funds.

As you probably know bank system and bitcoin are enemies – very soon one of them is going to win the battle so you may be at the lucky side.

Bet on your favorite games – there is a huge diversity

Fan of sports betting, roulette or games like Blackjack and Poker? That is not a problem! You are able to play all of the card games in every good bitcoin casino on the web.

The advanced way – bet like a professional

Nobody knows how much money you have right now, how and where do you spend them – everything is private and made for people who want to keep their personal space.

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